UPDATE: Your BDAY In A Pandemic Time

Celebrate Your BDAY In A Pandemic Time

If you’re one of the lucky ones who has a birthday during pandemic time in a city lockdown order in effect. No problem, I didn’t want to celebrate my birthday anyway.

But honestly, just because you’re maintaining social distancing or self-isolating at home doesn’t mean you can’t have a little entertaining, right? Actually, celebrating a birthday can be a bright spot in a time of depressing news and economic insecurity. In the final, singing Happy Birthday from distance is more amusing than speaking people about washing their hands for 20 seconds.

Whether you live alone or with your lover, roommate or family, there are ways to celebrate someone’s BDAY while still keeping on safe.

One thing’s for certain—this is a birthday none of us will soon forget.

Make a Video-Calling Party

All of us have used a video-calling app in these past weeks, probably often. While office meetings have placed to Zoom, friend and family get-togethers became hangouts and they have been relocated to Facetime, Google Hangouts, Skype, WhatsApp… and the list can go on.

Use the opportunity to get more than 10 persons together by managing a virtual birthday party on one of the above platforms. Set some mood lighting, agreed that everybody drinks a cocktail and eats a pizza, create a Spotify playlist that everyone can listen to, play trivia, watch together a movie or entertainment TV show, or make it a themed party in which everyone dresses up.

Wish you celebrate on a beach? Pick from Canva’s customizable Zoom background images or videos so you can take your virtual BDAY party anywhere you want to go.

“Say Anything” on Their Grass

It’s always a lovely surprise to get a hand-written card in the mail, but this year looks like the right time to go above and beyond. Yard-greeting service Card My Yard is spreading birthday cheer by creating oversize personalized messages from the social-distance safety of your yard. Pick your personalized message with prices starting at $40 depending on the complexity and duration of it.

Send a Piñatagram

Piñatas using to be a staple at all birthday parties of the childhood and some of us have wanted to bring the tradition back in adult years.

Piñatagrams will ship a colorful lil’ piñata starting at $19.99, filled with sweets and a personalized message directly to the birthday girl or guy. Also you can get 25% off with code PINATA25. This special party gift is certain to put a smile on their face, whatever they’ll want to smash the thing or keep it as a remembering decoration. Oh, and they also have zombie and reindeer piñatas.

Send Them a Celebrity Cameo

There is a service that lets you to pay actors, musicians, reality TV stars, athletes for personalized shout-outs. For anywhere from $2 to $2,500, you can request a birthday video message through Cameo from celebrities. Do you hope for one from Wesley Snipes or Val Kilmer? Use limited-time Cameo promo code “7jT6ahved” to get 10% OFF.

Manage a Parade

I’m kind of kidding here! But if you live close by, consider organizing friends to drive their own cars over to the BDAY gal’s or guy’s house to surprise them with a parade of honks, signs and balloons out the window, singing Happy Birthday from distance. You would cry with happiness to receive this mobile parade in front of your house and see your friends’ faces outside of a laptop screen. We don’t excuse littering, but we’ll absolutely agree noise pollution this one time!

Bombshell Them With a Subscription

A subscription gift is an excellent way to give them something that will last and will remind them of you every time they use it. If they’re a Star Wars or Marvel fan, pick a Disney+ subscription starting at $6.99 monthly. Or for health and fitness lovers, try a vitamin subscription service from iHerb, Piping Rock and Puritan’s Pride, or an online workout pass to get their fitness hour. But there are much more other options, like coffee subscriptions like Starbucks, wine subscription like Winc, fashion subscription boxes like H&M and even gaming subscriptions like Xbox Game Pass starting at $9.99 monthly.

Send a Tasty Delivery

I don’t know about everyone, but food is definitely the way to our hearts. Getting a favorite pizza or Italian pasta, birthday cake or even a bottle of wine or a cocktail delivered right to our doors is a guaranteed birthday success.

After living in NYC for 20 years, bakery chef Christina Tosi’s classic BDAY Cake has became the dessert of choice every year on big day for many of us. The festive vanilla cake is crowded with cake crumbs and funfetti, and is always a troop pleaser.

The cakes and also some special cocktails are available for home delivery, why not same-day delivery if you live near one of their locations across the country, through DoorDash and Uber Eats.

Don’t want a cocktail, no problem, you can pick this wine subscription from Winc and delivery service will bring your favorite bottle (including reds, whites and rosés) straight to your door. Or order a special gift like the “Unwind with Summer Water” box that comes with one bottle of rosé wine, two glasses and a “Keep It Chill” eye mask for nights when you need a little variation.

The last but not the least, the perfect BDAY virtual party asks for a pizza for everybody, truly America’s national food statistically speaking, right to your doors from Marco’s Pizza, or Little Caesars Pizza, or Hungry Howies! You can order online for all your virtual guests because more than sure you’ll get the special discount for your BDAY!

As Always Deluge Them With Gifts

While many brick-and-mortar stores are momentarily locked, online stores are in business more than ever, and many of them are providing free delivery along with some massive deals and magic freebies. It’s also a very good idea to get a chance and your support for one of the many small businesses that have moved online during this pandemic time, and have some cool and funny gifts and maybe freebies!