UPDATE: The Best Pizzeria in Your State I

Why one pizza is better than the other? Is it the perfect sauce-to-cheese proportion? Is it the thinness or thickness of the crust? Don’t matter what your pizza preferences are, these are some of the best restaurants around the country where you can find a slice of cheesy, saucy tastiness.




First of all, I want to tell you everybody, I can eat pizza at any hour of the day – breakfast, lunch, dinner – from many restaurants: Marco’s PizzaLittle Caesars PizzaHungry Howie’sPizza HutPapa John’sDomino’s, and also many times I use to order pizza snacks from iHerbPiping RockPuritan’s Pride or Swanson.

Alabama: Slice Stone Pizza and Brew

Soul food is the soul of the South. Three Birmingham brothers decided to apply that down-home cooking practice to pizza with their pertinently named “Soul Pie” – it’s topped with an irresistible sausage, black-eyed peas, turnip greens, red onion, and Pepperjack cheese.

Alaska: Moose’s Tooth

Who can think that the best pizza in the US is hiding in the last frontier? For many years, Moose’s Tooth in Anchorage has had the biggest annual sales of any independent pizza restaurant in the country. So you know it’s the best but you can also bet you don’t just go right in so sip an icy beer from their brewery while you wait.

Arizona: Pizzeria Bianco

If you’re a real pizza fan, you likely have heard of Chef Chris Bianco of Phoenix: he’s been publicized as one of the best pizzaiolos (in Italian “the man who makes pizza”) of all time. A basic dough, some hand-crushed tomatoes, a sprinkling of shaved Parmigiano and a few fresh basil leaves are all he uses to make his magic pizza.

Arkansas: Iriana’s

Residents decided that Iriana’s is a Little Rock institution. But don’t just order a plain cheese pizza. Pile on some of your preferred toppings with their version of a supreme pizza (called “Sweep the Floor”). It’s filled with Canadian bacon, sausage, black olives, mushrooms, peppers, pepperoni, and onions.

California: Flour + Water

An appetizing artisan pizza in two minutes or less seems too good to be real. But at San Francisco’s Flour + Water, that’s what you’ll get. The menu changes seasonally so you never know what you’ll find but the thin crust and vigorous flavors are always the same. The Funghi pizza with ramps, porcini, and nepitella is a solid go-to.

Colorado: Blue Pan Pizza

Detroit-style pizza Blue Pan is like the cooler younger cousin of New York style that no one knows about. The brand is the caramelized crust created by a mix of 3 diverse cheeses. And being in Denver, the Mile High City, means you must try the Mountain Top pizza featuring diverse types of pepperoni, mushrooms, and fresh oregano.

Connecticut: Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana

Clams are a delicacy on the Connecticut coastline. It makes sense to consume them with everything… with pizza too. At Frank Pepe‘s in New Haven, (#1 Pizza in America voted by The Daily Meal for 3 years), try the legendary white clam pizza which it’s topped with freshly shucked littleneck clams, olive oil, garlic, and Pecorino Romano cheese.

Delaware: Grotto Pizza

The real marker of “Delaware style” pizza you can find at the state’s most well-known pie making restaurant: Grotto’s signature swirl. Their tasty tomato sauce (not too thin, not too thick, but just right) is spoon over the top of the melted cheese and spread into a spiral.

Florida: Steve’s Pizza

No bric-a-brac or extravagant ingredients here. At Steve’s Pizza in Miami, you order at the counter, then head to a graffitied booth to wait for your slice of heaven on earth. And heaven on earth it is: served on a paper plate, your New York style pizza is just the right quantity of oily, gooey, cheesy, and saucy to content any desire.

Georgia: Antico

Settled in Atlanta’s Little Italia district, this pizza-lovers’ heaven has an nearly cult following… and for good motivation. Order the popular San Gennaro with 3 types of gooey cheeses, peppers, onions, and sweet sausage and salivate over the well-cooked crust and generous toppings. There’s one catch, though: No variations or build-your-own accepted.

Hawaii: Flour & Barley

Whether you want the traditional tomato or creamy garlic sauce, you can find both at Flour & Barley where the menu is divided into rossa (red) and bianca (white). Of course, given your location, you should pick the Aloha Pizza – gold pineapple, spam, mozzarella, chili, and smoked bacon – for a real Hawaiian pizza experience.

Idaho: The Wylder

While everyone else is jumping on the wood-fired pizza trend, the crew at The Wylder in Boise is sticking to the traditional gas-burning oven instead. The result is a sourdough crust that’s equal chewy and crispy without any overcooked edges. Try the state’s spuds (with rosemary, sage, and caramelized onion) with a Gem State of Mind pie.

Illinois: Giordano’s

There are only few things more scandalously indulgent (but worth each bite) as Chicago’s deep dish pizza. And Giordano’s get one more step with their fabulous pizza. As if the mountain of dense dough, melted cheese, and chunky sauce couldn’t get more over-the-top, they fill the crust with ricotta cheese.

Indiana: Jockamo Upper Crust Pizza

Meat fans celebrate! At Jockamo’s, you can treat your carnivorous desires with a pizza named after Indianapolis author Kurt Vonnegut’s famous book: Slaughterhouse Five. The crunchy crust is fill with pepperoni, sausage, ham, Italian beef, and bacon.

Iowa: Great Plains Sauce & Dough Co

Every good pizza begins with a cooked-to-perfection crust, and that’s just what Great Plains Sauce & Dough Co in Ames has focused in since they opened in 1979. No matter which of the 6 crust you pick – Denver which is a thick whole wheat or Idaho made with potato flour, for example – each is made fresh everyday and hand-rolled per order. 

Kansas: Picasso’s Pizzeria

It wasn’t named Wichita’s Best Pizza 6 years in a row for nothing. The New York style slices you get at Picasso’s are famed for more than their thin crust crunch, they’re also gigantic! Any slice cut from a massive 26-inch pie needs two hands, one for folding in half, the other for wiping the sweet sauce dribbling down your chin.

Kentucky: Impellizzeri’s

You’ll certainly want to show up hungry for a meal at Impellizzeri’s, the restaurant that coined “Louisville Style” pizza. As soon as your pizza is brought to the table, overfill with cheese, cheese and, well, more cheese, you’ll understand exactly what that style about is. It’s basically double layers of cheese and toppings.

Louisiana: Pizza Domenica

Slightly-charred crust of the wood-fired pizza at NOLA’s Pizza Domenica’s makes our mouth water. Add upscale topping combos like fennel sausage and mortadella or summer squash and mascarpone and you have yourself a pizza fit for a king (or should we say French “roi“).