UPDATE: Remodel Your Home on a Budget

In the summer months, you are looking around the house, thinking how you could remodel a little before the holidays. But then you think that this job has need of money and time, and you don’t have either one or other at the moment.

There’s also the detail that you’ll need to hire out the work. When you evaluate all the costs needed for a home remodel, you realize it’s not the best idea to spend your money. Thus, you let the remodel for next year expecting things will change in some way.

But CouponoSCOPE.com has got practical and budget home remodeling ideas that you can do yourself. These will make your home look better, and give you confidence in your DIY talents.

Put a Color to the Ceiling – everytime we forget the fifth wall in our rooms, but a new color of the ceiling can totally transform a room all on its own!

Order Your Closets and Use Them for More – if you rearrange a hall closet with cubbies, baskets and other decluttering tools, you can store more than just clothes and free up space in other rooms!

Offer Your Bathroom a Little Touchup – change the blankets and the carpet in your bathroom, you’ll probably feel as your home remodel is complete!

Inspire Change to Your Fireplace – if you have one, giving the centerpiece of your living room a facelift can do wonders with less than $200!

Give Your Kitchen Counters a Makeover – you can cover your laminate countertops with a concrete coat, and you’ll have a complete new design!

Final Thoughts – Have you already thought of some of your own ideas for how you might a little or entirely change your universe? First, take a minute and taste something before you start – iHerb, Marco’s Pizza, Little Caesars.

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