Moving Off Campus Next Year?

You’ve been attending the school of your dreams for at least a year. But now you have other important decision to make. Do you want to remain to live in a dorm room, or are you prepared to move somewhere off-campus?

If you decide on off-campus living, you’ll have some distinct advantages. You’ll possibly have more space to spread out, and you won’t be subject to campus regulations. Plus, if you want a roomie, you’ll get to decide whom you share your place with.

But when you’re shopping for your new off-campus life, you’ll need different products for your apartment than, say, if you were moving into a dorm room. Here’s what you should buy for happy and easy off-campus living.

A Mattress That Will Allow for a Good Night’s Sleep – Try to IKEA

A Bus Pass or a Parking Spot

A Couch and Coffee Table for Entertaining and Relaxing – Try to World Market

A Checking Account—and a Budget to Go With It

Bathroom Supplies – Don’t forget Bed Bath & Beyond

Kitchen Essentials – Amazon has plenty of cookware

Restaurants – Marco’s Pizza or Little Caesars

Supplements and vitamins – iHerb

Renters Insurance

Fun Things – broad games, nerf guns, a blander, a record payer – Maybe at Kohl’s

Miscellaneous Items You Won’t Want to Forget – hand soap, garbage bags, first aid kit – Try at Walmart